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A major thrust of project Magnolia grandiFLORA is to support greater understanding and appreciation of plants diversity. The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, which has been a leader in supplementary science education training for K-12 teacheres in Mississippi, is spearheading development of new workshops and age-appropriate programs focused exclusively on plants. They have developed "WILD About Plants", a new workshop that provides teachers with information on native plant species and their role in the natural ecosystems of Mississippi, exposes teachers to botanical research and collection methods, provides teachers with materials and suggested activities in their classrooms, and inspires teachers to understand and appreciate the impact of plants on people and ecosystems.
We have also recently completed Plant ID Cards that provide information on some of the more common and rare plants of Mississippi. Click below to access PDFs of these cards. These will also be available soon in print from the MMNS .
For more information on workshops and educational programs sponsored by the MMNS, visit their website.
This project is funded by the National Science Foundation and the participating institutions.

Botany Education Matters!
The U.S. is facing a crisis in science literacy, and botanical knowledge is declining across professionals in academic, private, and government sectors (Havens et al. 2010).
Strengthening education about plants in science classes is crucial to restoring botanical knowledge among the U.S. population and will be critical for solving problems in agriculture, biodiversity conservation, clean energy, and global climate change.

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