5 Best Tomatoes to Grow in Mississippi

Looking to grow some tomatoes in the Mississippi region? Finding the right tomato variety to grow can be a challenge. Tomatoes remain the number one vegetable in Mississippi and across the United States.

When choosing a tomato variety to grow in Mississippi, there are various factors to consider. You need to consider how long it will take for your fruits to ripen.

Some of the easiest tomatoes will ripen in 55 to 60 days from the day of transplanting. When planting mid-season, tomatoes take 66 to 80 days to ripen. Late growth requires more than 80 days for the tomatoes to ripen.

But a more important decision is selecting disease-resistant varieties. When checking various tomato varieties to grow, you’ll see variants with letters like V, F, N, or TMV.

The letters mean that tomato plants are genetically tolerant to various diseases. The diseases are verticillium wilt (V), fusarium wilt (F), tobacco mosaic virus, and (TMV)nematodes (N).

Lastly, you need to understand the hardiness zone levels of Mississippi to select the right variety. Most areas in Mississippi are considered to have hardiness zone levels of 5, with some regions as low as 6.

Let’s dive deep and see some of the best tomato varieties to grow in Mississippi.

5 Best Tomatoes varieties to grow in Mississippi

Roma Tomatoes

You can also grow Roma tomatoes in Mississippi due to their fast maturity. The tomato variety takes a mere 50 days to mature. They produce a large late summer harvest.

Roma tomatoes are ideal for canning or freezing. The late summer harvest makes the tomato ideal for freezing, canning, and even drying.

This type of tomato has little or no seeds. It’s ideal for making sauce, paste, and cooking. You can be sure of getting a tasty and sweet tomato.

Lastly, Roma tomatoes are disease resistant and can easily grow in any number.

Early Girl Tomatoes

This is a type of tomato that also matures in 50 days or less. Early tomatoes are ideal for growing in the cold-hardy climate of Mississippi. While some varieties do well in hot areas, these varieties do well when the weather turns cold.

You can grow early girl tomatoes from mid to late spring if you want the tastiest results. The tomatoes are also ideal for vertical gardening. They are an ideal choice for tight growing areas when growing space is scarce.

Brandywine Tomatoes 

Source: BackyardGardenersNetwork.org

Brandywine tomatoes are one of the best tomatoes to grow in Mississippi. It takes up to 80 days to mature. It is a great choice tomato that can survive the Mississippi heat and produce bountiful fruits.

The Brandywine tomato is an heirloom type of tomato carrying most of the tomato characteristics over the years. With many heirloom tomato varieties, the Brandywine is the hardiest and best choice that can survive in hardy regions.

So what makes growing Brandywine tomatoes ideal for Mississippi?

The Brandywine tomato stands out as the hardiest, easiest to grow, and tastiest. In addition, Brandywine tomatoes love the heat. They can withstand the heat in the region.

In fact, most of them work better in hotter and more humid areas. They do pretty well in the Mississippi hot weather. The variety can survive the hot summer periods taking up to 80 days to mature.

Lastly, Brandywine tomatoes are adaptive and can do well in pots. It’s one of the most adaptive tomatoes to consider growing in Mississippi.

Beefsteak Tomatoes

Beefsteak tomatoes are also ideal to grow in Mississippi with a maturity period of 80 days. The tomatoes do well in summer as temperatures get warmer. They continue to grow bigger and more plentiful

They are versatile tomatoes that can grow well in almost all types of gardens. They are vine vegetables that you can train to grow vertically. This makes them ideal for gardeners with minimal space.

Grape Tomatoes

Lastly, you can grow grape tomatoes in your Mississippi garden. They are pretty small size tomatoes taking less than 60 days to mature. Grape tomatoes are one of the most versatile tomatoes.

They thrive pretty well in hot areas and are an ideal choice to grow in Mississippi. The tomatoes can do well in both North and South Mississippi.

Grape tomatoes can do well in most conditions. They handle the heat, dry weather, and humidity pretty well.

The tomatoes are among the few ones Mississippi farmers can harvest from early June to late November. You can be sure of enjoying your tomatoes all year.

Grape tomatoes are also among the most disease-resistant tomato varieties out there. They can withstand various tomato diseases in Mississippi.

They can also grow well in containers making them ideal for urban areas.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking to grow tomatoes in Mississippi, then consider choosing one of these varieties. Consider the growing period and choose a variety that best suits your needs.

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